Timor-Leste Studies Initiative @ AAS in Boston 19th-22nd March 2020

The Timor-Leste Studies Initiative will be holding another pre-conference workshop at next years Association of Asian Studies Conference in Boston 19th – 22nd March.

The workshop aims to bring together East Timorese and North America-based scholars to discuss the future of Timor-Leste studies in North America and explore avenues for collaboration between East Timorese and North American academics and academic institutions.

The workshop includes:

  • A special panel on current research on East Timorese history, culture and the arts—featuring recent work from our three visiting scholars from Timor-Leste: Antero Benedito Silva, Laurentina (Mica) Barreto Soares and Maria Madeira
  • Round-table discussions on Open Access Resources for Timor-Leste Studies, Tetum Language Learning and People-to-People Capacity Building

Scholars presenting or participating in AAS conference are encouraged to take part in the workshop.

More details click here!

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