Pre-Conference Workshop 2021

Welcome to the Timor-Leste Studies Initiative’s Pre-Conference Workshop 2021!

This workshop was made possible  with generous support from the Henry Luce Foundation, the Southeast Asia Council’s (SEAC) Indonesia and the Timor-Leste Studies Committee (ITLSC) at the Association of Asian Studies (AAS).

Due to COVID-19 public health measures in Dili we are unable to broadcast live at the Fundacao Oriente in Dili.


Panel 1: Tetum-language learning for international scholars and students

Thursday, March 18th, 08.30h to 11.00h Dili, Timor-Leste time (March 17th 7.30pm Ann Arbor, USA, 11.30pm Lisbon, Portugal) Time Converter

The first panel will focus on ‘Tetum-language learning for international scholars and students’.  Experts in the field of Tetum-language learning and teaching to explore teaching Tetum as a less commonly taught Asian language through in-country and distance learning.

08.30h to 08.45h – Susanna Barnes – Welcome

08.45h to 09.15h – Catharina Williams-van Klinken with Alex Cham and Marta Cardoso, Dili Institute of Technology – Title: “Tetun language learning for international scholars and students

09.15h to 09.45h – Dr Katrina Langford, Timor Link Online Language Training & Dr Trent Newman, University of Melbourne – Title: “Aprende Tetun online: Timorlink’s approach to online Tetum language learning

09.45h to 10.15h – Questions from participants

10.15h to 10.45h – Action steps for promoting Tetum language learning in North American Institutions

10.45h to 11.00h – Closing

Tetum subtitles coming soon!

Panel 2: Gender and Sexuality in Timor-Leste

Friday, March 19th, 08.30h to 12.00h, Dili, Timor-Leste time (March 18th 7.30pm Ann Arbor, USA, 11.30pm Lisbon, Portugal) Time Converter

The second panel will focus on ‘Gender and Sexuality in Timor-Leste‘. This panel aims to explore issues of gendered behaviour, roles, relations, attitudes and perceptions in contemporary society in Timor-Leste.

8.30h to 8.40h – Susanna Barnes – Welcome

8.40h to 9.00h – Sara Niner – Introduction to the panel on Gender and Sexuality in Timor-Leste

09.00h to 9.30h – Deb Cummins (Bridging Peoples), Title: “Consent, Estraga Feto, and Sexual Decision-Making

09.30h to 10.00h – Li-Li Chen (UNTL), Title: “Reflections on Structural Violence and the Case of Topu Honis

10.00h to 10.30h – Berta Tilman (Grupo Feminista) – Title: “Oppression as a result of power structures in Timor-Leste

10.30h to 11.00h – Luis Maia (UNTL), Title: “Reflections on gender and sexuality

11.00h to 12.00h – Additional questions and debate

Each speaker will be invited to make a 20min MAX presentation. There will be time for questions and debate following the formal presentations.

Tetum subtitles coming soon!

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