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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Timor-Leste Studies Initiative – Teaching and Learning Resources portal. The purpose of the portal is to provide a robust body of resources related to teaching and learning about Timor-Leste.

Most teaching resources fall into one of three general categories:

  1. Teaching strategies: practical instructional strategies that include applicable techniques or lesson plans.
  2. Teaching reflections: reflections on theoretical, philosophical or ideological issues relating to teaching and learning about Timor-Leste.
  3. Teaching tools: a tool (film, website, worksheet, article, book or other material) that can be of use to educators).

The primary expected readership for the teaching resource series are scholars and faculty in higher education (and some secondary education) as well as instructors-in-training.

Materials published on this site can be licensed under a Creative Commons License:

Download a copy of the resource submission form.

To submit your resource, email the submission form or simply send your teaching and learning ideas (syllabi, lesson plans, films etc.) to


Author Name: Your name as you wish it to appear.

Author Affiliation:

Short Author Bio (approx. 100 words):

Does your resource contain any content that is not your own intellectual property? If so, explain.

Resource Type: (i.e.: teaching strategies, teaching reflections, teaching tools)

Key Words (2-5):

Submission Title:

Learning Objectives (2-4): Here list two to four learning objectives for your resource. Each objective should start with an actionable verb. See Blooms Taxonomy for verb ideas. Try to keep each objective concise and clear.

Teaching Instructions (approximately 500-1,000 words): Introduce your resource, how you use it, and how others might use it. Include a discussion of the topical, theoretical or pedagogical aspects of your resource. Be sure to include a brief discussion of how instructors can access or implement the resource. If you are providing additional materials to accompany your resource (such as writing prompts, discussion/reflection questions, quiz questions, assignments, labs etc.) reference them in your text and indicate how they can be used or accessed by others (if it is not self-evident).

Accompanying Materials: Please provide all relevant links to any resources like images, games, film trailers, open-source books, articles, films, and podcasts (or where they can be purchased). If you only have digital copies of the resources, please email them with your submission so we can ensure it is made available in your publication. Finally, please send along any images (covered under a creative commons license or in the public domain) that help illustrate your submission so we can include them in your publication. Google images and Wiki Commons are excellent tools for searching non-copyrighted images.

Licensing Options: Please indicate on the form whether or not your wish to publish your material under a Creative Commons License:

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